MILANESE GARNET - Apple Watch Band

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MILANESE LOOPS - Apple Watch Band

A modern interpretation of a design developed in 19th century Milan, our MILANESE LOOPS boast an exquisite stainless steel mesh-weave that wraps fluidly around the wrist. Select from our range of colors, and discover its chromatic wonder! Fitted with a magnetic clasp that secures all-round, it adjusts perfectly for micro-adjustments while ensuring a firm and comfortable fit. Experience elegance fit for any occasion.


Series 7 comes in sizes 41mm and 45mm

Series 4, 5, 6, & SE comes in sizes 40mm and 44mm

Series 1, 2, & 3 comes in sizes 38mm and 42mm 

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Gayle Istre
Wrong watch band shipped

I order a Milanese Silver watch band for apple watch series 7
They shipped a brown band for apple watch series 7
I have a black face apple watch series 7 - so disappointed
Love the band but NOT the color

Marion Johnson

love it- it looks great and is a good band for the price

Layla Hessel

Love it, a little short but love it. A Quality strap indeed.

Daryl Emard

Excellent band, and a fraction of the price! Would recommend highly.

Frances Dare

I was skeptical of the watch band staying securely on my wrist, but I was ver impressed. The magnetic hold is strong, also the length of the band allows easy adjustment. It gives the watch a classy look. I definitely recommend it.

Favian Goyette

I really like this band as it is of exceptional quality. PLUS the price is minuscule compared to the original band. It is as good if not better. Great buy and highly recommended.