Promotional FAQs

How do I claim my FREE BANDS?

Simply add 4 of your desired bands of any design to your cart. Make sure you have 4 items in our cart at checkout, our discount will be applied automatically.



Do i get FREE BANDS if i want to order more than 3?

Yes of course! For every 2 bands that you select you are entitled 2 FREE BANDS. So for example if you have 8 items in your cart, 4 of them will be FREE! To take full advantage of our offer, just make sure that the total number of items in your cart is a multiple of 4. 



I’ve added 4 items to my cart but the discount is not showing.

Sometimes this occurs when multiple items have been added and then deleted from your cart. If the total number of items in your cart is a multiple of 4, the discount should be applied automatically. Otherwise, simply remove all the items from your cart, clear your browser cache and refresh your page.



I’ve ordered 2 items but did not receive my FREE BANDS, what do i do?

We place an emphasis that you must select the specific band that you wish to claim. We will not know your preferred design or the size of your Apple Watch, and orders are processed in the manner in which you have placed them. We will not be held responsible for erroneous orders placed by you. However, we may supplement you by way of discount codes or store credits.



The design that I want is out of stock?

Due to limited supply, some designs will only be replenished later. We always update our community on new product launches (don’t worry, we’ll never spam you), so make sure to stay subscribed to our newsletter. unfortunately, we cannot guarantee you will be eligible for the same discount when stock is replenished.



What if I RECEIVED the wrong color/design/size?

Due to large quantity of orders, we apologise if sometimes we mistakingly send you a wrong one. However, don’t panic, simply send us a photo of the items you received, and we’ll be glad to send you the correct one.



What if I ORDERED the wrong color/design/size?

Please ensure that you check your order is correct at checkout. We may review each request on a case-by-case basis, and will be glad to assist with genuine errors, but will not entertain phoney or exploitative claims. Given that part of the order will be free, we do not provide refunds (or partial) for items bought under the Sale Event. This is to prevent customers from exploiting our offer.